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Dual Mode Aesthetic Laser Equipment- King.ch

  • Dual Mode Aesthetic Laser Equipment- King.ch


Wrinkles (I, II and III types); Skin flabby, skin thin, skin brittle increase, the skin rough, large pore; Atrophic scar; Acne and stretch marks; Various scars removal;Pigmented lesions; Facial skin rejuvenation.


1.Brief introduction:

2.Dual mode laser aesthetic machine is also called as Angle's Wings. This system is combined by upper level 1550nm erbium glass fractional laser and CO2 laser resurfacing system in one.

3.It is the safest aesthetic laser system. It offers obvious results for chloasma, pigmentations, and anti-aging treatments, taking advantages of its CW, pulse and fractional modes.

4.One machine for two technologies, platform for dual top laser systems;

5.The most secure and most comprehensive fractional laser platform;

6.Unprecedented results for melasma and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.

7.Three different working modes leads to versatile anti-aging treatments;

8.Combined dual laser systems guarantees good anti-aging and cosmetic plastic surgery results.

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Dual Mode Aesthetic Laser Equipment- King.ch

Adopts imported RF excited metal laser tube for CO2 system, produces 10600nm laser by CPG, which enables the best scanning result. The 50μm-80μm focal spots directly penetrates treated skin, leads to certain thermal exfoliation, more thermal coagulation (compared 1550nm fractional laser) and good thermal effect, which finally leads to collagen fiber shrinking (compared 1550nm fractional laser). Thermal coagulation and thermal exfoliation causes 0.12mm diameter and 2mm depth invasive holes on skin, similar depth as solar degeneration of elastic fibers. Now surrounding normal tissues are effected by thermal bridge reactions among all tiny holes, leads to skin repair mechanism, which helps get large quantity of new collagen, remodel the elastic fiber structures through the three phases, inflammatory, growth and remodeling phases. Finally face contour is sculptured, wrinkles and scars are dispelled, skin texture and tone is improved. Final result is multiplied with applying COMELY skin care essence immediately after treatment. 1550nm erbium glass fractional laser is produced by fiber laser generator. It also works in random scanning mode, with 50μm-80μm focal spot through CPG. With targeting at water in skin tissues, high energy focal spot produces 0.08-0.1mm diameter and 2mm depth tiny holes, leads to certain thermal exfoliation, less thermal coagulation and certain thermal effect. Following is the same as CO2 fractional laser, and finally get same result as CO2 fractional laser. COMELY skin care essence is also strongly recommended.

Laser type: German 1550nm fiber laser generator

Laser type: RF excited metal CO2 laser tube

Refer to 1550nm erbium glass fracitonal laser

Refer to CO2 fractional laser

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