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Vacuum Cavitation for Body Slimming Beauty Equipment -Slimming VII

  • Vacuum Cavitation for Body Slimming Beauty Equipment -Slimming VII


1. Cellulite reduction 2. Double chin eliminating, Face lifting 3. Skin Tightening 4. Remodeling exquisite shape 5. Post-baby treatment 6. Body reshaping after post-liposuction treatment.


Slimming VII: Focus on body reshaping and cellulite reduction

1.Double Mono-polar Handles

The handles(XF-I+ and XF-VII+) for fat dissolving are 2 ~ 5 times better than Bipolar effect.

2.Treatment Safety

Specially designed double mono-polar RF can successfully avoid skin burning and blistering


400W power improves the treatment efficiency and reduces the treatment course.

4.Bi-polar RF

The Bi-polar RF improves the effect of skin tightening, face lifting.

5.Selective Handle XF-X

The handle XF-X integrates XF-I+ and XF-IIV+ design, the single treatment time has been shortened to 50%. That can be used much longer and safer.

6.Creative Design

Creative folding design is convenient for doctor's carriage, operation and maintenance, etc.

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    Good Quality Body Slimming Machine-Slimming VII

Slimming and Body Shaping

Radio frequency and Infrared light (700-2000nm) focus on heating the epithelial tissue and connective tissue; infrared light heats tissue up to 5mm while radio frequency from 5mm to 15mm in depth which effectively increase the oxygen driven, strengthen the material exchange into and out of cells and promote fat metabolism. Infrared light increases tissue elasticity, heats subcutaneous fat and shrinks fat cells while protecting epidermis. Vacuum facilitate blood flow and catalytic enzyme release for fat metabolism. The synergistic combination of Radio frequency and infrared light with vacuum highly increases fat metabolism within the mitochondria, for an instant body reshaping.

Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening

The synergistic combination of RF (radio frequency), IR (Infrared light), Roller and Vacuum increases blood circulation and oxygen intracellular diffusion on partial tissue and increases lymphatic drainage hence effectively reduces cellulite. Optimal hyperthermia penetrates into subcutaneous tissue to activate fibroblast of connective tissue and increase collagen and elastic fibers, which gives you a smooth, young skin.




Treatment Handles


Speed of Roller


RF Power


RF Frequency


Electric Current


Vacuum Suction Intensity

I-VIII adjustable

IR Wavelength


Vacuum Suction Frequency

I-IV adjustable

IR Power


IR Intensity

I-V adjustable

Negetive Pressure Intensity

≤ -0.09Mpa

RF Power

I-X adjustable

AC Voltage

AC 200-240V 50-60HZ MAX6A
AC100-120V 50-60HZ MAX3A

Roller Frequency

I-IV adjustable

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