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High Quality Portable Lipo Laser Slimming Machine For Weight Loss-Slimming II Next

High Quality Portable Lipo Laser Slimming Machine For Weight Loss-Slimming II

  • High Quality Portable Lipo Laser Slimming Machine For Weight Loss-Slimming II


1. Cellulite reduction 2. Double chin eliminating, Face lifting 3. Skin Tightening 4. Remodeling exquisite shape 5. Post-baby treatment 6. Body reshaping after post-liposuction treatment.


1. 8.4" TFT touch LCD;

2. Effective synergistic combination of vacuum, IR (Infrared Light), Bipolar RF and mechanical Roller.

3. 1-4MHz continuously adjustable RF frequency. Maximum penetrating depth outreach 10mm, enable the skin from epidermis to subcutaneous tissue to obtain full RF energy.

4. Seven handpieces (XF-I—VII) for treatment of different parts accordingly, which increases efficiency and comfort during treatment.

5. The parameter adjustment system in the XF-I handpiece facilitates the adjustment for different treatment requests.

6. The adjustable energy of vacuum, IR and Bipolar RF facilitate different treatment requests. Four operation modes are available for different treatment.

7. Unique shell and inner framework design is convenient for maintenance.

8. Foot pedal and button switch dual-control system satisfies various operating habits.

9. Cooling RF (Bi-polar and Mono-polar) functions are optional.

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    Professional cavi lipo machine for weight loss and skin lifting - Slimming I+

Slimming and Body Shaping

Radio frequency and Infrared light (700-2000nm) focus on heating the epithelial tissue and connective tissue; infrared light heats tissue up to 5mm while radio frequency from 5mm to 15mm in depth which effectively increase the oxygen driven, strengthen the material exchange into and out of cells and promote fat metabolism. Infrared light increases tissue elasticity, heats subcutaneous fat and shrinks fat cells while protecting epidermis. Vacuum facilitate blood flow and catalytic enzyme release for fat metabolism. The synergistic combination of Radio frequency and infrared light with vacuum highly increases fat metabolism within the mitochondria, for an instant body reshaping.

Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening

The synergistic combination of RF (radio frequency), IR (Infrared light), Roller and Vacuum increases blood circulation and oxygen intracellular diffusion on partial tissue and increases lymphatic drainage hence effectively reduces cellulite. Optimal hyperthermia penetrates into subcutaneous tissue to activate fibroblast of connective tissue and increase collagen and elastic fibers, which gives you a smooth, young skin.


Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz  /  AC110V±10%, 60H

Vacuum Treatment Handpieces


RF Frequency


RF Energy

1-50J/cm²  Stepping: 1J/cm²



RF Duration


RF Delay


Cooling System

Semiconductor Cooled

Dimensions (Before Packaged)


Dimensions (After Packaged)


Net Weight


Gross Weight


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