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  • Q-Switched ND:YAG Laser(Single Pulse 200mj) YILIYA-MV8


 Therapeutic range of pigmented skin lesions: endogenous and exogenous pigmented skin problems .It can be used as tattoo removal machine and pigmentation removal machine.
Compact, the machine weighs about 7kg, easy to carry and transportation; Proprietary seismic gun, with good stability; Unique flow detection system, fault self-checking system intelligent design; Good heat dissipation system configuration, can continuous 2 hours work (5 HZ state); Red aiming beam makes operation easy and accurate.

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YILIYA - MV series laser pigment machine adopts gem adjustable Q model, instantaneous emission laser energy efficient break of the lesion base, namely light to blasting: one part (skin) base cataclastic from skin eduction body outside, part excreted by the body metabolic cycle. Pathological tissues base will reduce gradually until it disappeared, and surrounding normal tissues almost no damage (almost no clinical side effects), postoperative don't need to have a rest. Electro-optical modulation Q laser because of its single pulse energy real continuous adjustable so doctors can get any energy density (spot area under the condition of constant) for clinical.

Laser Type Q-switched ND:YAG laser Wavelength mv8nm, 532nm
Maximum Energy 200mj@mv8nm, 100mj@532nm Pulse Width 10-20ns
Repetition Rate 1-10Hz Spot Size 1-7mm
Beam Delivery Articulated Arm Power Supply AC,220V,50Hz / AC,110V,60Hz;  10A
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