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Q-Swithed ND:YAG Laser (Single Pulse 180mj)- YILIYA-MV11 Next

Q-Swithed ND:YAG Laser (Single Pulse 180mj)- YILIYA-MV11

  • Q-Swithed ND:YAG Laser (Single Pulse 180mj)- YILIYA-MV11


 Therapeutic range of pigmented skin lesions: endogenous and exogenous pigmented skin problems .It can be used as tattoo removal machine and pigmentation removal machine.
  The world's first single-pulse energy of more than 400mj desktop passive Q-switched laser pigment treatment machine. The pigment clearance rate is 12 times more than the ordinary laser pigment treatment instrument. Single pulse width really is ≤ 8ns ordinary laser pigment treatment instrument 1/5. The patented D + treatment handpiece with 4 replaceable treatment tips ,meet different treatment needs. Sales reached more than 10,000 units in just 2 years.

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    Q-Swithed ND:YAG Laser (Single Pulse 180mj)- YILIYA-MV11

YILIYA - MV series laser pigment machine adopts gem adjustable Q model, instantaneous emission laser energy efficient break of the lesion base, namely light to blasting: one part (skin) base cataclastic from skin eduction body outside, part excreted by the body metabolic cycle. Pathological tissues base will reduce gradually until it disappeared, and surrounding normal tissues almost no damage (almost no clinical side effects), postoperative don't need to have a rest. Electro-optical modulation Q laser because of its single pulse energy real continuous adjustable so doctors can get any energy density (spot area under the condition of constant) for clinical.

Laser Type Q-switched NDYAG laser Wavelength 1064nm, 532nm
Spot  Size 1-6mm(continuously adjustable Pulse 6nm-8nm
Cooling Water Cooling& Air Cooling Repetition 1-5HZ
≦400mj @1064nm (Single pulse) Input Power 780W
≦200mj@532nm (Single pulse) Weight 13GS
≦800mj@1064nm(Double pulse) Power Supply AC 220V50HZ
≦400mj@532nm(Double pulse) AC110V60HZ10A
≦1200mj@1064nm(Triangle pulse)
≦600mj@532nm(Triangle pulse)
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