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   Freezing point diode 808 nm laser hair removal with long wavelength laser safety and it has fast sliding technology, multiple pulse technology, large spot technology, 10 hz frequency technology, long pulse width, super energy is the most safe, quick, painless, highly effective, the preferred hair removal machine. To use the patent to ion system, to ensure the absolute pure water; The use of sophisticated thermostatic system, achieve freezing point painless hair removal, guarantee the sapphire skin protection system of 4 ℃ relative to the freezing point temperature state; Double wavelength switching design: according to clinical doctors can choose a different wavelength (940 nm, 808 nm) with the treatment of hand, Maximal lifetime among all painless diode laser removal machines.

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808 nm wavelength effective penetration depth can achieve target tissue (hair papilla), appropriate pulse duration security target tissue generate enough thermal damage and surrounding tissues almost not affected; A moderate amount of energy density security in the suitable time to provide strong enough energy output enough to damage the target tissue and normal tissue is almost not affected; Suitable skin protection measures to guarantee the target tissue enough damage, and skin almost not affected, so as to ensure the safety of the treatment. Meet the requirements in the design requirements and semiconductor laser hair removal series specially designed multiple pulse laser in selecting low energy density mode will hair follicle heating to 75 ℃ above and through the treatment of hand with sliding maintain a period of time (10 hz state) to the hair follicle and heating solidification lose activity, so as to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal.

Laser Type Diode Laser Wavelength 808nmor 940nm (optional)
Output Energy 2-120J/cm2 Spot Size 13×15mm
Repetition Rate 1-10Hz Pulse Width 10-300ms
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz / AC 110V 60Hz  10A Laser Power 600W(500W,400W,300W optional)
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