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Applications: Wrinkles (Ⅰ type, Ⅱ type); Skin flabby, skin thin, skin brittle increase, the skin rough, large pore; Atrophic scar; Acne, stretch marks; Pigmented lesions; Facial skin rejuvenation.
Use the German original vibrating mirror, focal spot minimum of fifty μ m, is other similar equipment, a third of the skin penetration depth is four times as many other similar equipment; As many as three kinds of treatment lens cone; Focal spot density and focal spot quantity are adjustable, scan graphics and scan area are adjustable, doctors can treat parts according to the demands of different treatment, to make more accurate treatment; Erbium glass fiber fractional laser series of simple user-friendly interface is very convenient for doctors and technicians operating.

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HONKON erbium glass fiber fractional laser series skin reconstruction system, by using optical fiber laser, emission wavelength of 1550 nm to 1550 nm laser, laser target for skin tissue, the water in the focal spot directly through the site have a certain amount of heat stripped, very small amounts of heat setting and a certain amount of thermal effect, forming a minimally invasive holes about 0.08-0.1 mm, depth can be up to 2 mm (the depth and actinic elastic fiber modified maximum depth related); The post-traumatic holes and hole between normal tissue produce thermal bridge, start the skin wound healing response (inflammation stage, growth stage, remodeling stage), thermal effect cause collagen contraction, the slight thermal coagulation and minimally invasive hole caused by a large number of freshmen collagen to leather frame structure reconstruction, facial contour sculpture, mild to moderate wrinkles disappear, delicate skin texture, acne scars heal.

Laser Type Er:Bium Glass fiber laser Wavelength 1550nm
Optical Beam Quality TEM Maximum Output Power 30W/20W/10W(optional)
Power Of The Aiming Beam ≤5mW Spot Diameter 50-2000μm
Scanning Mode Randomized Scanning Aiming Beam 635 nm
Cooling Air Cooling Pulse Energy 10mj~200mj (stepping: 2mj)
Spot Pattern Triangle/ Square/ Rectangle / Rhombus / Round Pulse Interval 2ms~100ms (stepping: 1ms)
Scan Area 5×5mm, 2.5×2.5mm, 1.25×1.25mm 30×30mm,20×20mm 10×10mm Weight 33KGS
Gross Weight 76KGS Spot Density 36spots/cm², 144spots/cm², 576spots/cm²
Power Supply AC 220V 50Hz/ AC 110V 60Hz Dimensions (before packaged) 650mm×340mm×760mm
Dimensions (After Packaged) 900mm×470mm×1000mm
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