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1. Skin rejuvenation.;2. ; 3. Hair removal; 4.Nevus flammeus; 5.Angiotelectasis; 6.Varicosity;Treatment of Vascular Lesions7.Treatment of Vascular Lesions


1. 1064CM is the first hand-held long pulse laser generator in the world. It avoids the energy lose on the long distance transmission.

2. Long pulse width, long wavelength, and outstanding epidermis cooling make sure the safety during the vascular close and hair follicles heating.

3. Special skin contact cooling not only can give skin good cooling protection, but diminish inflammation, prevent swollen, relieve pain.

4. Big spot, high energy, OPT technology match perfectly

5. Super thermal dissipation to make sure working 24 hours, also wavelength can be switched easily.

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Treatment of Vascular Lesions-Long Pulse ND YAG Laser machines- 1064CM

Long Pulse Nd:YAG Laser can be absorbed selectively on hemoglobin, and pigment which spread on hair follicle bulb & protuberant part. However, the surrounding normal tissues seldom absorb or no absorb. 1064&532nm laser can penetrate epidermis into the target blood vessel, follicle bulb , protuberant part of hair follicle. With sufficient Energy density, YILIYA-1064CM can destroy the target blood vessel and follicle tissue without any harm to epidermis. Above the advantages, which makes sure target tissues cannot be destroyed under photothermy effect, also for getting better clinical results other surrounding normal tissues won't be affected.


Laser type: Nd:YAG

Frequency: 0.5Hz


output mode: hand piece directly output

pulse width: ≤10ms

Pulse mode: long pulse


spot diameter

Power supply mode: AC220V±10%、50HZ,AC110V±10%、60HZ

input power: 1900w




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