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1. Vascular lesion treatment;2. Permanent hair removal especially for skin types Fitzpatrick IV to VI ; 3. Skin rejuvenation.


1.With OPT technology multiple pulse equipment, not only pulse width can be adjusted and pulse number, pulse interval are adjustable, the most important is to each pulse peak energy is consistent, with less pain and safer effect.

2.12" color touch screen with wonderful visual impact, more sensitive, luxurious and elegant

3.Treatment with long life design handpiece with German HAM company's ceramic cavity, in security laser transformation at the same time satisfy the physician to instrument the demand of long life.

4.24 hours continuous working with its powerful compressor cooling system. 1-10mm adjustable spot size satisfies different requests of therapists.

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    Long Pulse ND YAG Laser machine-YILIYA 1064B

Cooling RF is radio frequency which can penetrate epidermis into deep dermis. The radio frequency motivates water molecules to move at high speed, then produces heat and the temperature reaches to 45-65.This leads to subsequent contraction of the collagen tissue and makes the loose skin and wrinkle tightened immediately. Moreover, the treatment effect causes collagen re-growth and reconstruction. Meanwhile, it renovates old and damaged collagen; realizes the immediate effect of skin tightening, long-term wrinkle reduction and ease anti-aging.

Laser Type

Long Pulse ND YAG Laser


1064nm, 532nm optional

Amount Pulse Width


Pulse Number


Single Pulse Width


Energy Density


Pulse Delay


Repetition Rate


Laser Guide


Spot Size


Power Supply

AC220V 50HZ
AC110V 60HZ



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